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Mar 30,  · Most Windows 10 Stop Errors emerge on boot, some of which could be fixed after a restart, but in most situations, you’ll be stuck in restart loop and have to manually shut computer down. To fix this kind of Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death errors, please think about what actions you did right before the BSOD, and then undo the replace.meted Reading Time: 6 mins. Dec 17,  · A BCD error means corrupted boot files, the files could be corrupted by a bad hard drive. I suggest you to download the Windows 10 ISO and create a Media Creation tool and perform an Automatic Repair of Windows 10 using its Recovery Media and Rebuild and Repair Master Boot Record, Boot Sector and Boot Configuration Data. Find out how to troubleshoot stop errors (also called ‘blue screen’ errors) in Windows 10 by removing installed updates and using Windows recovery options.

How to Fix a Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) | Tom’s Hardware – Quickly Fix: Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death after Upgrade


If you’re not a support agent or IT professional, you’ll find more helpful information about Stop error “blue screen” messages in Troubleshoot blue screen errors. A Stop error is displayed as a blue screen that contains the name of the faulty driver, such as any of the following example drivers:. There is no simple explanation for the cause of Stop errors also known as blue screen errors or bug check errors.

Many different factors can be involved. However, various studies indicate that Stop errors usually are not caused by Microsoft Windows components. Instead, these errors are generally related to malfunctioning hardware drivers or drivers that are installed by third-party software. This includes video cards, wireless network cards, security programs, and so on. The root cause of Stop errors is never a user-mode process. While a user-mode process such as Notepad or Slack may trigger a Stop error, it is merely exposing the underlying bug which is always in a driver, hardware, or the OS.

Review the Stop error code that you find in the event logs. Search online for the specific Stop error codes to see whether there are any known issues, resolutions, or workarounds for the problem.

Make sure that you install the latest Windows updates, cumulative updates, and rollup updates. To verify the update status, refer to the appropriate update history for your system:. This diagnostic tool is used to collect machine memory dump files and check for known solutions.

Run Microsoft Safety Scanner or any other virus detection program that includes checks of the Master Boot Record for infections. Make sure that there is sufficient free space on the hard disk. The exact requirement varies, but we recommend 10—15 percent free disk space.

Contact the respective hardware or software vendor to update the drivers and applications in the following scenarios:. You are seeing an indication of a service that is starting or stopping before the crash occurred. In this situation, determine whether the service behavior is consistent across all instances of the crash. If there are no updates available from a specific manufacturer, it is recommended that you disable the related service.

To do this, see How to perform a clean boot in Windows. You can disable a driver by following the steps in How to temporarily deactivate the kernel mode filter driver in Windows. You may also want to consider the option of rolling back changes or reverting to the last-known working state.

Download DumpConfigurator tool. If the server is virtualized, disable auto reboot after the memory dump file is created. This lets you take a snapshot of the server in-state and also if the problem recurs. For more information, see the following video:. Finding the root cause of the crash may not be easy. Hardware problems are especially difficult to diagnose because they may cause erratic and unpredictable behavior that can manifest itself in various symptoms. When a Stop error occurs, you should first isolate the problematic components, and then try to cause them to trigger the Stop error again.

If you can replicate the problem, you can usually determine the cause. The next section discusses how to use this tool. Advanced troubleshooting of crash dumps can be very challenging if you are not experienced with programming and internal Windows mechanisms. We have attempted to provide a brief insight here into some of the techniques used, including some examples. However, to really be effective at troubleshooting a crash dump, you should spend time becoming familiar with advanced debugging techniques.

Also see the advanced references listed below. Verify that the computer is set up to generate a complete memory dump file when a crash occurs. See the steps here for more information. Locate the memory. On the other computer, download the Windows 10 SDK.

Start the install and choose Debugging Tools for Windows. This installs the WinDbg tool. This is the recommended method. If the computer is not connected to the Internet, you must specify a local symbol path. Click on Open Crash Dump , and then open the memory. See the example below. There should be a link that says! Click that link. This will enter the command! There will be rows of numbers with each row followed by a colon and some text. See Using the! There are many possible causes of a bugcheck and each case is unique.

The problem here is with mpssvc which is a component of the Windows Firewall. The problem was repaired by disabling the firewall temporarily and then resetting firewall policies. Additional examples are provided in the Debugging examples section at the bottom of this article. We estimate that about 75 percent of all Stop errors are caused by faulty drivers. The Driver Verifier tool provides several methods to help you troubleshoot.

These include running drivers in an isolated memory pool without sharing memory with other components , generating extreme memory pressure, and validating parameters. If the tool encounters errors in the execution of driver code, it proactively creates an exception to let that part of the code be examined further. Driver Verifier consumes lots of CPU and can slow down the computer significantly.

You may also experience additional crashes. Verifier disables faulty drivers after a Stop error occurs, and continues to do this until you can successfully restart the system and access the desktop.

You can also expect to see several dump files created. This can degrade performance and make the system unusable. This also limits the effectiveness of the tool. If you continue to experience non-analyzable crashes, try enabling verification on all third-party and unsigned drivers.

Additionally, if the computer cannot boot into the desktop because of Driver Verifier, you can disable the tool by starting in Safe mode. This is because the tool cannot run in Safe mode. For more information, see Driver Verifier. This section doesn’t contain a list of all error codes, but since many error codes have the same potential resolutions, your best bet is to follow the steps below to troubleshoot your error.

The resolution method is to disable the network device in device manager and try the upgrade again. Disconnecting the device and retrying the upgrade is a possible solution.

Bug Check Code Reference. Feedback will be sent to Microsoft: By pressing the submit button, your feedback will be used to improve Microsoft products and services. Privacy policy. Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. Note If you’re not a support agent or IT professional, you’ll find more helpful information about Stop error “blue screen” messages in Troubleshoot blue screen errors.

Note The root cause of Stop errors is never a user-mode process. Note If there are no updates available from a specific manufacturer, it is recommended that you disable the related service. Note Advanced troubleshooting of crash dumps can be very challenging if you are not experienced with programming and internal Windows mechanisms. Is this page helpful? Yes No. Any additional feedback? Skip Submit. Submit and view feedback for This product This page.

View all page feedback. Apply the latest updates for the driver by applying the latest cumulative updates for the system through the Microsoft Update Catalog website. Update an outdated NIC driver. Contact the hardware vendor to update the NIC driver for a resolution. If a driver is identified in the Stop error message, contact the manufacturer for an update.

If no updates are available, disable the driver, and monitor the system for stability. You must restart the system before the disk scan begins on a system partition. Contact the manufacturer for any diagnostic tools that they may provide for the hard disk subsystem. Try to reinstall any application or service that was recently installed or updated. It’s possible that the crash was triggered while the system was starting applications and reading the registry for preference settings.

Reinstalling the application can fix corrupted registry keys. If the problem persists, and you have run a recent system state backup, try to restore the registry hives from the backup.


Troubleshoot blue screen errors.Blue screen of death (STOP error) information in dump files.


In contrast, Windows 1. Many users find Microsoft’s blue screen of death is changing to black in Windows 11 in the middle of One of the main reasons is to cater for its new black logon and shutdown screens. Windows 11 black screen is a big visual change to the BSOD since the adding of a sad face. Till now, it’s still not clear why Microsoft changed the black screen back to blue in Windows 11 IT support calls may be the reason.

Microsoft has confirmed the blue screen of death and other problems in Windows 11 the new operating system at the end of The first thing users will think of when running into Windows 11 blue screen of death is to restart the computer to try to fix the problem. The automatic troubleshooting and repair process will be initialized while restarting Windows You may find your Windows 10 stuck on restarting for a very long time. Can you fix the problem to restart Windows 10 successfully?

Whenever a BSOD shows up on the Windows 11 computer, please write down the error code and reboot the computer to let Windows fix the problem automatically.

Under such circumstances, they should try these quick fixes:. Click to Tweet. You can stop your Windows 11 computer from rebooting automatically if you need. Software incompatibility or software glitch is a popular cause of the Windows 11 blue screen.

You can do a clean boot to start Windows with only the essential components to rule out the possibilities. Apple patches yet another zero-day flaw in substantial security update. WordPress plugin vulnerability leaves sites open to total takeover. IT Pro is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Tutorials Software operating systems Microsoft Windows.

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Remove recently installed updates using the following steps: Open the Control Panel. Uninstall the offending app using the following steps: Click the Start menu. Unplug incompatible peripherals The blue screen of death can also occur if connected hardware isn’t compatible with Windows Featured Resources Fit-for-purpose IT infrastructure for digitally determined organisations Your innovation engine: Guiding organisations through change in the new digital economy Free Download. Future proofing data infrastructure with more performance, scalability, and resiliency Dell PowerStore Free Download.

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How to check if your PC is compatible with Windows Microsoft Windows. This will take one or more hours and force you to do some homework before such help becomes available. Tom’s Hardware Tom’s Hardware. Ed Tittel. Topics Windows. See all comments Nice informative article! It was more of a trial and error thing, but figured out it was a Switchable Graphics problem. I though it was the Discrete problem, but turns out it was the Intel one. But no thanks to Intel and Microsoft for both being useless in telling me where abouts the problem lied.

I had to figure it out after 3 months of Tweaking and testing. My Linux partition never had a problem. Never in my entire career have I seen an SFC scan fix a thing. All problems can be trivially fixed by purchasing a new PSU.

Everyone at Tom’s Hardware Forums knows this. I think the only times I have ever had blue screens on my nearly nine years old are from running the system without rebooting after updating display drivers: update drivers, continue running the system for a few days, crash, then runs fine for months on end until I reboot for Windows updates or update drivers and get the next one-time driver-related crash.

That said, I haven’t even seen the driver update crash in about two years, Nvidia must have fixed whatever code nugget was causing it. One of our users had a laptop that was getting BSODs recently.