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The information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. The software described by this document is subject to a License Agreement and may not be copied to other media except as specifically allowed in the License Steinberg wavelab 6 manual pdf free.

No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced or otherwise transmitted or recorded, for any purpose, without prior written permission by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. Windows XP is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Where do I 99 Basic editing читать go next? Congratulations on your choice of WaveLab! Ever since its steinberg wavelab 6 manual pdf free versions WaveLab has enjoyed a high reputation among professional and semi- professional users.

WaveLab is the audio editor of choice, not steinberg wavelab 6 manual pdf free in top- of-the-line mastering and restoration facilities, but also for any serious en- gineer or musician.

This steinberg wavelab 6 manual pdf free version of WaveLab continues in the tradition of introducing new powerful and exciting features while maintaining the ease of use and workflow that makes working with WaveLab so effective. Посмотреть больше are quite confident that version 6.

WaveLab 6. Steinberg has always shown a strong commitment to protect the invest- ment of loyal customers. Your Steinberg Team.

This section lists the main new functions and features added to the 6. High quality linear-phase filters allow you to remove unwanted artefacts in the au- dio with surgical precision.

Files, clips and markers can also be batch renamed. A high quality limiter coupled with multi-pass analysis ensures very accurate results. Peak files can also be created in the background with graphical progress monitoring. Copy and paste plug-ins between clips or tracks, or load and save whole steinberg wavelab 6 manual pdf free chains.

Best of all, WaveLab is continuously developed and refined, in collabora- tion with our users — from professional audio engineers to hobbyists.

Your input has helped make this version of WaveLab the most complete, flexi- ble and user-friendly ever! These allow you to get online support, check for updates, get answers to frequently asked questions, etc. A free USB port is also required.

For more details about the computer requirements, see below. Your CD recorder must support the disc-at-once write mode. Furthermore, the audio card must have an ASIO driver. Computer requirements Below, the minimum computer requirements are listed, with recommen- dations where applicable. The following sections describe each system component processor, RAM, etc. Even with moderate amounts of RAM, you can have many files open at the same time.

Hard disk Audio files are relatively big. Approximately There- fore we recommend that you get the largest hard disk can afford. The speed of the hard disk will affect some of the processing operations. This is mainly noticeable when you work with very steinberg wavelab 6 manual pdf free files.

If the hard disk is slow, your recorder might not be able to write at its maximum possible speed. Exactly which of the three is most appropriate depends on the capabilities of your sampler and how you intend to communicate with it. If you are buying a SCSI card specifically to communicate with the sampler, we recommend that you get an original Adaptec card.

Small deviations in SCSI implementations can cause transfer problems. How- ever, the audio quality varies dramatically steinberg wavelab 6 manual pdf free cards. For serious work with WaveLab, we recommend that you get a card with the highest possible specifications.

However, if you use WaveLab to edit files for use with other hardware such as a hard disk based recording system using its own audio convert- ers any loss in audio quality that you experience when listening to the files in WaveLab due to deficiencies in the audio card will not affect the final audio files in any way.

For professional use mastering, etc. In a sur- round configuration, each WaveLab channel can be routed to separate outputs and inputs on the audio card. This function analyses your system and lists oper- ating system specifics; processor smemory, hard drives, and much more.

This is especially useful if you need to contact Technical Support, since this allows you to describe your computer configuration accurately. Colors At this point you might want to check and for example change the number of colors you use on your computer screen. See your Windows docu- mentation for instructions on how to do this. WaveLab will not run if there is no Steinberg Key. The Steinberg Key capture one pro 12 amazon free, in fact, a little computer on which your Steinberg software licenses are stored.

All hardware-protected Steinberg products use the same type of key, and you can store more than one license on one key. Also, приведу ссылку can within certain limits be transferred between keys — which is helpful, e.

The Steinberg Key must not be plugged in before the installation of Wave- Lab. The installation program should start automatically after a few seconds. Otherwise, proceed to step 5. Follow the instructions on screen. At one point of the installation a dialog appears requesting you to connect your Steinberg Key — do so. The first time the copy protection device is plugged in, it will be registered as a new hard- ware device, and a dialog will appear asking you whether you would like to find drivers for the device manually or automatically.

You should select to find drivers automatically, and click OK to proceed and close the dialog. Finally, a dialog steinberg wavelab 6 manual pdf free you that the installation was successful. A restart may be requested — but if no dialog requests a restart it is not necessary to do so.

This completes the installation of your WaveLab program! Register your software! Registering your software will make sure you are entitled to technical sup- port and kept aware of updates and news regarding WaveLab. Launch WaveLab. WaveLab starts. Audio card settings You need to specify which audio card and driver you intend to use. Selecting an ASIO driver 1. Open the Preferences—Audio device tab.

This is because with Steinberg wavelab 6 manual pdf free, the ссылка на страницу driver is always used both for output and input. Internally there are 8 fixed WaveLab channels photoshop download can be freely mapped to ASIO outputs and inputs on your audio interface. Close the dialog. Therefore, the Playback Resolution settings will be greyed out. Click on the Audio device tab. Select the audio card you want to use for recording and playback from the pop-ups.

Additional audio settings There are other settings in the Preferences that affect audio playback and recording. We recommend that you try the default settings before you steinberg wavelab 6 manual pdf free anything, since these work well in most cases.

These determine how much RAM memory is used for buffering when playing back. If you get playback problems such as dropouts or glitches, you should try to increase these val- ues. Click the question mark icon in the dialog for details. These determine how much RAM is used for buffering when recording. If you get dropouts in the recorded audio, you should try increasing these values.

Governs the buffer size used when Steinberg wavelab 6 manual pdf free is reading data from the hard disk. If ex- perience problems in a read intensive scenario such as playing back an Audio Montage with a lot of simultaneous clipsyou should try changing this value.

If you change this setting, playback will stop when you leave the dialog. The option is available since it may remedy problems on certain systems with slow disk drives. The latency in an audio system depends on the audio hardware, its driv- ers and their settings. However, please note:. Here the important issues are optimum and stable playback and editing precision. Therefore, you should not try to reach the lowest possible latency figures when working with WaveLab.

And again, should you get dropouts, crackles or glitches during playback, raise the Buffer Number setting on the Preferences—Audio device tab. WaveLab steinberg wavelab 6 manual pdf free you to specify up to three different folders for storing temporary files.

If you have access to more than one drive, saving your temp files on separate drives not partitions can considerably speed up performance. This will not only improve performance, but also reduce disk fragmentation. The folder s should be on your fastest hard disk and you should make sure you have plenty of room available on that hard disk or partition.

Three possible folders can be specified for temp files. Selecting one of the Temporary Folder items will show the current loca- tion where the temp files will be created in the Folder field to the right. Either type in the path to the directory or you can browse the drives to locate and select the folder via a standard Windows file dialog.

Click OK to select a folder and exit the file dialog.



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You should use a pink noise reference signal and a SPL level meter. There are also additional settings in a separate dialog, opened by clicking the Settings but- ton. In the upper field specify the folder with peak files to erase. Renaming files and documents Rename The Rename function is available from most WaveLab documents, not just Wave windows. In such cases you might want the two views to display the same part of the audio file simultaneously, so that the cursor position is synchronized in both views.


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Operation Manual. Operation Manual by Anders Nordmark. Quality Control: Cristina Bachmann, Heiko Bischoff, Sabine Pfeifer, Claudia Schomburg. Categorie type, Software. Full manual name, STEINBERG WAVELAB 6. Model, WAVELAB 6. File size, KB. Number of pages, 8 pages. file format, pdf. We provide free online pdf manuals and support information for Steinberg software: Sequel, Smart Click, SpectraLayers, The Grand, Verve, VST, Wavelab.