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Customize the ribbon in Office


Also: Look at Spreadsheet and its collection of templates for Word and Excel. Word clouds add a visual element to any document or presentation. It can also help summarize the core idea of any document for your readers.

Pickit is a stock illustration site that can complement your documents with beautiful photos and clipart. PowerPoint designs aside, you can create impactful Word documents too by breaking up text with a photo that sends a visual message.

Also: Looking for a completely free alternative with Creative Commons licensed photos? Try the excellent Word add-in that sources images from Pexels. Word can open PDF files and even edit them. Edit, sign, and share the files again from the same window within Word. No one wants to be called a plagiarist. And Copyleaks has built its reputation as a search engine for avoiding that charge. The cloud based app uses its algorithms to scan any document and ensure its integrity.

Copyleaks also supports multiple languages. The Word add-in allows you to scan 10 pages a month for free. If you are a heavy user, then go for an additional purchase. Key Benefit: Draw flowcharts, mockups, mind maps, and business process charts easily. Sometimes, a flowchart or a business process diagram can make a complex concept simpler.

Lucidchart is an industry leading software that offers this add-in for Word users. Use the library of shapes and lines to quickly create your own diagrams. The learning curve is shallow. Lucidchart also supports collaboration and version control.

You can download the add-in for free and create a limited number of free documents. Additional upgrades need to be purchased.

Key Benefit: Sign or request eSignatures for important documents without leaving Word. Digital signatures have become foolproof and legally binding identification tools for critical documents. In many countries, they are the same as physical signatures on paper documents. Sign in with your Microsoft , Microsoft, or DocuSign account. Email a completed copy of the signed documents, automatically save them in DocuSign, or on a cloud platform for collaboration.

DocuSign offers a free trial sign and send 5 documents with a Microsoft account and 10 documents with an Microsoft account. Qorus is a business document builder. It works seamlessly across Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint to create personalized business documents like request for proposals, pitches, and NDAs.

Qorus includes tools that can quickly create fresh documents from templates, answer queries with a bank of reusable content, and even collaborate on documents with a team.

Qorus is a bid and proposal management solution on its own. The advantages can outweigh the costs if your enterprise needs it. Try it with a day trial. Making an event flyer in Microsoft Word? Why not help your guests by displaying a small map that shows exactly where it will take place. There is Google Maps, but this little touch saves everyone a few seconds. Read My Document is a text to speech converter that reads your Microsoft Office documents aloud. It can be an invaluable editing aid when you are proofreading a document.

Pick a voice and the speech speed to begin. Alternatively, you can multitask by letting it read a document while you do something else. Legal documents should always be standardized. It makes it not only easier to understand them, but also saves a lot of time when you need to reuse them.

Woodpecker is an easy to use add-in that removes the chore of re-creating legal docs everytime you need to change a minor detail. Woodpecker also promises secure document management and collaboration with your own account. Project managers can try this add-in to enhance the role of their Word templates. It is surprising that a desktop publishing software like Microsoft Word still does not have an adept font management system. For instance, you cannot save your favorite fonts.

You can create styles for them, but that is a roundabout way. Font Finder makes it easier. Use the add-in tab screen to browse through the categorized fonts. Search for the font you want to use and set them as favorites with a click on the star. However, a small pitfall is that it seems to ignore fonts that do not come with Word. Why not give it a bit of color with the Emoji Keyboard. After all, emojis are stuck to our digital tongues.

And this keyboard gives you to choose from. We hope these useful and mostly free Microsoft Word add-ins help you plug a few productivity gaps, reduce a few steps and add up to a more efficient workflow at the end of your day!

If you are looking to sharpen your Microsoft Office skills, check out our Microsoft Word course to learn time-saving tips and tricks for formatting, margins, mail merges and much more. Saikat is a writer who hunts for the latest tricks in Microsoft Office and web apps. He doesn’t want to get off the learning curve, so a camera and a harmonica claim an equal share of his free time.

What are the top business skills that can help you thrive in any workplace environment? Check out this business skills list to find out. By far, the most popular feature of the Teams platform is the Microsoft Teams video conference. Learn all about it in this ultimate how-to guide. Deliver flawless presentations by learning how to choose the best font for PowerPoint presentations.

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Resources From Python to Excel, or Power BI, Tableau and beyond, check out these free resources to help take your data analysis skills to the next level. Why are Microsoft Word add-ins so important? Add-ins can do all that and make Microsoft Word seem more powerful than it already is. Get your free Word shortcuts cheatsheet!

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Skills for career advancement. In the Home tab, click the little drop-down arrow next to Clipboard to reveal the panel on the left. This holding capacity enables you to cut and copy multiple elements and move them anywhere within the document or between open Office programs.

Use the clipboard’s Options to control its functions. For instance, you can disable the Show Status Near Taskbar When Copying that displays the number of items you’ve copied in the bottom-right corner of the Word window. It’s enabled by default.

Microsoft Office uses Microsoft Translator to handle all translations. Use the Translate feature from the Review tab. Translate a word or a sentence. Or, translate the entire document and display it in a separate Word document.

The Translator tab appears on the right and you can choose and change languages. Use this sidebar to highlight each word and explore their meaning in full. Kerning adjusts the space between two individual letters for a better visual look. When designing a document, each typeface requires its own specific kerning.

Kerning becomes important when you are designing with large fonts on Word, like on an ebook cover. Word has kerning switched off by default, and normally you don’t need to bother with it. But let’s say you need to submit a five-page homework. Save effort by increasing the width between the letters instead of writing fluff! Click the little pop-out arrow on Font on the Home tab. Go to the Advanced tab. Select the checkbox for Kerning for fonts.

Experiment by entering a small point size in the box. Remember, some typefaces and font sizes don’t look good with kerning. Today, an important MS Word feature is collaboration, but you have to pay attention to security too. The Document Inspector in Word helps you check your document for any information you want to keep private.

Whenever you create or even edit a document, some user information gets added to the file automatically. The Document Inspector helps you erase this kind of information before sharing a document. You can inspect hidden content by selecting the checkboxes. After the inspection, any categories with sensitive data gets an exclamation mark. The Remove All button for each category removes the data and finalizes the document.

Hidden Text is a non-printing character attribute that has its usefulness. Hiding text can be useful in many situations:. On the flip side, we’ve shown how to add a watermark in Word for text that people can’t remove. Non-printing characters are formatting marks, which enables you to troubleshoot and fine-tune the layout of a document. For instance, if words need to be single-spaced; your paragraphs have to be spaced with correct line breaks; all tabs should be lined up; table cells have to be formatted neatly, and so on.

Pilcrows, tab-markers, spaces, line breaks, page breaks, object anchors, and hidden text are just some of the non-printing elements that are handy for controlling the layout of a Word document. You can remove page breaks when needed, or display the non-printing characters by clicking the Pilcrow button on the Home tab. Use these advanced Microsoft Word tips and you’ll speed up your workflow in no time. Whether you’re trying to get through a school essay, work project, or something personal, these tips will help you master Word.


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Show the ribbon when hidden, and set options to shows tabs and commands, just tabs, or automatically hide the ribbon for the maximum document space. In Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote, just open the Coming Soon pane from To show it again, just right-click the ribbon or click the Ribbon Display.