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[SOLVED] Windows 10 Can’t Access / Map Network Shares

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If I right click on a shared folder within a network drive, the “Map network drive I’ve checked Workgroups, ipconfig, advanced sharing settings and everything is setup the same as Machine 1 other then IP srive. I’ve also followed a number of forum threads to check Network settings. But I was unable to find a thread ссылка на подробности specifically discussed a Map Network Drive menu being inactive. Try to use command to map the network share:.

For example:. I used SFC and identified over 20 files missing or unable to be fixed – all used for some aspect of networking. Rather then try to recover them, I decided to refresh Win8 since it was a new installation. That fixed the problem windowss I had to reinstall some applications.

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I have two Win8 Oyt machines sitting side by side, connected to my home network. Machine 1 works as expected. Machine 2 works, but does not allow me to Map a Network Drive. How do I get Map Network Drive menu choice enabled and working? Thanks for any help.

Tuesday, June 11, PM. Marked as answer by ddf Map network drive folder greyed out windows 10 free download, June 16, PM. Friday, June 14, AM. Proposed as answer by Andre. Thursday, June 13, AM. Hi Leo, yes, that works. Any thoughts on foldrr to re-enable the Map Network Drive menus?

Thanks for your help! Thursday, June 13, Dirve. Thanks for your help Leo. Sunday, June 16, PM.


Mapping a network drive in Windows Here’s how to do it | Tom’s Guide – Was this information helpful?


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Read Elsie’s Full Bio. We will never spam you, unsubscribe at any time. Table of Contents. Subscribe on YouTube! Previous posted solutions did not work for me. Just change “allow windows to manage homegroup connections Greetings to all from Romania. I created an account just to post it, hope it helps someone else too.

Good afternoon my win10 surface pro had mapped drives. Then I turn it on Monday morning and it can’t connect to the drives. I got the error above “windows can not access”. What worked for me was mapping a new drive and checking the box “connect using different credentials. That worked and it turned all my drives back on.

Mine is a credentials issue. I have this workaround but I’m not sure it is a solution. Its a solution! Just check the box to remind your system on your user and passw. Bell Techlogix is an IT service provider. This solution worked for me. I ran the command netsh winsock reset then did a reboot. After that installed, I did another reboot. I’ve been having this problem for a while on two win10 computer.

I could see the drive but could not access it. This is what is working for me so far. Problem is solved. A day after reporting the problem above an update came from Microsoft not the usual format update almost a special update and after that the problem did not exist anymore. I believe that Microsoft monitors your site. Thank you very much I am very pleased.

This problem gets me all the time working between win10 and win8. I had a custom application that wouldn’t write to mapped network drives, ONLY on Windows 10 machines. We had the same problem–it ended up being a corrupt user profile. Solution create a new user profile. In Windows 10 go to Credential Manager – Windows Credentials, find your network share you can’t access and click to remove it.

Next time you try to access this share you’d create a new password for it. I had the same issue while using a static IP. I tried everything but nothing seemed to be working. I switched to DHCP and then back to static and was able to access the shared folder. Greetings, as of this morning all Windows 10 PC’s can’t access mapped drives on W2k8 r2 server in a workgroup environment.

Win 7 machines have access. But, I can not access the shared files. When I double click on the server icon, I receive the same error posted by Wesley Wall. I can report in that none of the provided solutions worked for me : Although there were some really really good ones! So far no go. I’m holding out and trying not to reset and wipe windows and start from scratch.

If anyone has any ideas, more are welcome! I’m hoping this doesn’t affect any other PC’s in our office. Thankfully I’m the only one so far Thanks for the reply! I can’t access the other two boxes that I decommissioned but still have powered on. I can access the and boxes. My secondary desktop is a Win7 machine and can access the ‘s with no problems using my domain name too. All other Win10 and Win7 machines in the office can access with no problem. It did finally complete successfully though.

Netlogon and print spooler and other services are started and working now. I was hoping that was the golden ticket, but I guess not. If netlogon wouldn’t start, you arent getting on the shares. Fixing that should have been the solution. For me I couldn’t find quite a few of the settings mentioned in this post, but changing “Make this PC discoverable” after clicking on the network connection in Control Panel, then going back to Explorer, which now told me Network Sharing was disabled or the message you get when you click on Network in the folder tree and it shows nothing , reenabling it made my Diskstation appear under Computers in addition to Media and Other Devices which it did before , then I could map the drives.

Seems to be a bit flaky. Maybe you have SMB disabled. The Start Menu can be found on the bottom left of the toolbar in Windows Just click the Windows logo to bring the Start Menu up and then select Settings.

With the Settings Menu open, select the Network and Internet option. Again there is also a search bar, should you have any issues locating the tab.


How to Map a Network Drive in Windows – Windows 10 Storage and Backup

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