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For some reason whenever I play a game on my computer, it keeps freezing up. This is a relatively new issue because it’s never happened before. I either have to manually restart it or it restarts itself in about 30 seconds. I have tried many solutions on the Internet, but nothing seems to work. Do you know why my computer freezes while playing games in Windows 10?

How to fix it? This guide will discuss the possible reasons why computer freezes when playing games in Windows 10 and teach you how to stop your computer from freezing when playing games. If you are really a big game fan and use your computer to play games very often, you must have once encountered the same or similar problem described as above. It is very frustrating and annoying for game lovers if computer crashes or freezes when playing games. Now let’s get started to discuss how to troubleshoot this issue in the following part of this article.

Unexpected computer crashing or freezing issue while playing games could ruin the entire game experience. When it comes to what causes your computer freezing or crashing when playing games, the reasons can be various. Generally, it can be summarized as software issues, old drivers, corrupt files, hardware overheating, lacking hardware, viruses and malware… Sometimes it is very hard for you to tell from the exact reason.

If you are unable to make it clear which one is the root cause, you can try the below regular solutions one by one to learn how to stop your computer from crashing when playing games.

If your computer has no more enough space to store the temp files, you had better clear them from your computer. Otherwise, these temp files will slow down or freeze your computer when you are playing games. You can check if it is the cause of your problem. Even though it may be not the right reason, it can also do some help to solve this issue. There are quite a few methods to clear temp files in Windows Here is an additional method:. Step 1. You can check all the temp files there.

Step 2. Select all of these temp files, right-click them, and then choose Delete to remove all of them from your computer. As we have talked above, the issue that your Windows 10 computer keeps freezing when playing games may be due to system file corruption.

In order to avoid this reason, you can run System File Checker to scan and check whether some system files are missing or corrupted. If there are, System File Checker will help you try to repair them. Enter Command Prompt in the Windows search bar, right-click the best-matched result and select Run as administrator.

Then click the button of Yes to go on. Step 3. Then System File Checker will start to run a system scan. If there are some missing or corrupted system files, System File Checker will try to repair them. And the process will take some time, so please wait for a while patiently.

When the process is completed, restart your computer and check if it has fixed your problem. As we all know, the driver is one of the most important parts of our system. If the drivers are incompatible with the current windows version, out of date, or get corrupted, this will cause the system to freeze or crash no matter when you are playing games or not. If that is the real reason, you need to go to Device Manager to check your drivers for updates.

Access to Device Manager in your computer, double click Display adapters in order to expand it, and then right-click on your device and choose the option of Update Driver from the drop-down menu. Then you will be asked ” How do you want to search for drivers “, select the option of Search automatically for updated driver software to continue. Windows will search your computer and the Internet for the latest driver software for your device.

Complete the step as per the on-screen instructions. If it fails to pick up any driver update, you can search for the latest driver by going to the hardware manufacturer’s website, find the appropriate driver that is compatible with the exact model number of your hardware, as well as your version of Windows, and then download and install it in your computer.

Computer usually freezes up when playing games? One of the possible reasons is a lack of sufficient disk space. Maybe it is time to clean junk files on your computer. You can clean junk files through Setting or using the utility of Disk Cleanup, but that is not comprehensive. You can run a system optimizer like iSunshare System Genius to do an all-round scanning for clean caches, junks, useless files, as well as broken or invalid registry entries, and then delete them with one simple click so as to optimize your PC for maximum performance.

Now learn how to use iSunshare System Genius to clean junk files from your computer effectively and conveniently.

If you are interested in this software, download iSunshare System Genius in your computer. After proper installation, launch the software and select the function of Clean All on the left side menu, and then click the Scan button to do an all-round scanning for your computer. After the process of scanning is completed, you can check the scan results on the interface.

The scan results are divided into two categories: registry scan result and junk file scan result. To release more disk space for your computer, you can click the Clean button to clear all the useless files from your computer. Doing an overall cleanup for your computer regularly and frequently can benefit your computer to maintain a good, stable and healthy status.

So don’t be lazy about this matter. If you do it this way, you are less likely to worry about that your computer will freeze when you are playing games. A virus or other malware may cause your computer to freeze or crash when you are playing games. To check if the malware and virus is the cause of your problem, you should run a thorough virus scan with your antivirus program. Or you can use the built-in utility of Windows Defender or Windows Security to do that for you as well.

Choose the option of Windows Defender Offline scan. Then click the button of Scan now to start scanning malware and viruses for your computer. The next fix for you is to close programs running in the background. When you are playing computer games, the program of the game itself is probably taking the most of your system resources. At this moment, too many additional programs running in the background can also take up a large portion of your computer’s operating memory, which will result in sudden shutdown or crashes of your computer.

Under this circumstance, you’d better close those unimportant programs eating up processing power or memory of your computer. By the way, maybe some programs start running at the very beginning when your computer boots, but you are easy to neglect them. You can disable them from Task Manager easily. In the last part, we have talked about how to stop your computer from crashing when playing games. Furthermore, there are several additional points that you should pay attention to. If you don’t want your computer to freeze suddenly when you are playing games, keep reading on.

Like a human being, your computer can get tired and stressed out usually. Imagine that if you have worked for quite a few concessive hours and without a rest, you must be so tired. By the same token, if you have your computer worked for too long time, your computer may quit working for you, thus the issue of sudden crashes may occur.

Therefore, let your computer have a rest after using it for a period of time. Overheating is another common induction factor of computer crashes when playing games. For most computers, they are programmed to shut down automatically if the CPU or GPU temperature is going to reach the critical levels so as to protect itself from hardware failures. If your computer is overheated, you should have a break, check the cooling system and clean all fans for better heat dissipation.

If the game that you are playing is downloaded from an unknown, harmful or untrusted website, the game itself is likely a virus, which will do harm to your computer. So when you are playing such games with your computer, your computer freezes.

In order to avoid such a situation, you’d better download games from reliable sources. By now, this article is coming to an end. As you can see, there are a lot of methods that you can try to stop your computer from freezing when playing games. In general situations, these methods are effective to quickly solve this problem. However, it is hard to say that these methods can be applied to all the computer crashes cases while gaming.

If these methods don’t work for particular users, maybe asking a professional person for help is a better choice. Anyway, hope these methods can fix your issue effectively so that you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

For Windows. Data Recovery. Products Articles. Part 2: How to Stop Your Computer from Freezing When Playing Games Fix 1: Clear temp files from your computer If your computer has no more enough space to store the temp files, you had better clear them from your computer.

Here is an additional method: Step 1. Fix 2: Run system file checker As we have talked above, the issue that your Windows 10 computer keeps freezing when playing games may be due to system file corruption. Fix 3: Install the latest drivers As we all know, the driver is one of the most important parts of our system. Fix 4: Clean up junk files and optimize your system Computer usually freezes up when playing games?

Fix 5: Scan malware and virus on your computer A virus or other malware may cause your computer to freeze or crash when you are playing games.

Click the link of Scan options to continue. Fix 6: Close programs running in the background The next fix for you is to close programs running in the background. Tip 1: Never use your computer for too long Like a human being, your computer can get tired and stressed out usually. Tip 2: Make sure your computer doesn’t overheat Overheating is another common induction factor of computer crashes when playing games.


Windows 10 all games crashing free


Windows 10 does not stop growing and improving, an operating system that is increasingly powerful and valid for all types of users. And it is that this covers both domestic and more professional sectors, as most of you will have already been able to see first-hand.

With this, what we want to tell you is that this Redmond system tries to adapt to all kinds of uses and users. In this way, at the moment most of the people use their PCs based on this software, both at the office and for their leisure moments at home.

Of course, for this, not only is the system as such enough, but we are also going to need a series of specific applications that give us a hand. Thus, installed on the computer, we have complex design, office or programming programs, as well as games and multimedia players. These are just some of the examples that many currently have on their computers, but the variety in this regard goes much further. We cannot forget about the widely used Internet browsers, photo viewers, etc.

However, in this case we are going to focus on a specific type of use that does not stop growing in Windows 10, games. As we have already seen in recent months, the PC platform for gaming has not stopped growing in recent years. A good part of the blame for all this lies with the stores and platforms that help us in these tasks. With these we refer to elements such as what Steam or the Epic Store presents to us, among other similar proposals.

As we mentioned, the use of this playful software is increasing, as well as the demand for it. That is why these do not always work as well as we would like. There are several problems and drawbacks that we can find in this regard, that is, when playing games on Windows.

This does not mean that they are common, on the contrary, but they can also appear suddenly. One of the most common and feared failures are execution crashes during a game, or at the start of the title. Therefore, in the event that you are one of those who likes to enjoy your favorite games on your Windows-based PC, it is likely that we have found that some games crash on Windows It is for all this that below you we are going to show how to solve these blocks to which we refer.

These can be given for various reasons, so in these same lines we are going to explain some of the most common, as well as the way to solve it. The first thing we have to do if we encounter the aforementioned problem is to check that we have Windows 10 completely updated. With this, what we want to say is that we do not have updates pending to install, something that we can check in Windows Update. Next we go to Update and security to see Windows Update and check if we have the system properly updated.

Something similar we must take into account when it comes to the title with which we are having problems. This is because, as with other programs, games also need to be updated. That is why to avoid the aforementioned locks, it is also important to check that we are using the latest version of it. And it is necessary to bear in mind that these patches that the developers send are there precisely to correct possible failures that may occur, such as blocking.

In the event that the aforementioned does not work, another step to take to solve the problem, update the graphics card driver. In the same way we also have the possibility of uninstalling this element and reinstalling it in Windows.

Thus, for this we first have to open the System Device Manager. In the same we find it after clicking with the right mouse button on the Start button. Once in the new window that appears on the screen, we display the screen adapters and right-click on the installed graphics card. At that time we can select the option to Update driver or Uninstall the device.

Once this is done, we can either reinstall it or let Windows install it automatically and thus solve the problem exposed in the game. It may be the case that we have a somewhat old or limited computer in terms of internal specifications. Therefore the execution of that game that we try to start or that we want to play, is blocked. That is why a good solution that we can carry out is to close those applications that we do not need at that time.

And it is necessary to bear in mind that they are consuming PC resources that could be necessary for the game in question.

Therefore we only have to do a review of the programs that we are running at that moment in Windows, and close them completely. In addition, this is something that we can activate in a simple way, again from the System Configuration application.


12 Reasons Why Your Games Keep Crashing (And How to Fix Issues) – Symptoms of the problem


Home Home. Game freezes or stops responding on a Windows device. Collapse all Думаю, creative destruction windows 10 Админ. Solution 1: Quit and restart the game. Sometimes quitting and restarting a game is an effective way to fix crashing and freezing problems. To do this, select the X at the top-right corner of the screen to close the window this quits the gameand then restart the game.

In Task Manager, select the game you want to close, and then press End task. Solution 2: Restart your device. Note Make sure there’s nothing open or unsaved before you continue, as this process will automatically close all open apps. After your device has restarted, sign in and restart your game. Solution windows 10 all games crashing free Check your device for Windows software and driver updates. To check your device for the latest software updates, including video drivers, follow the steps in:.

How to get software and driver updates windows 10 all games crashing free Windows devices. Solution 4: Check the system requirements for windows 10 all games crashing free game. If your game is freezing or not responding, verify that the device you’re using can run the game without any problems. To check the system requirements for your game, follow the steps in:. How to find out if a game will play on your Windows device.

Solution 5: Check that you have network connectivity. If your game requires an internet connection, losing connectivity mid-game can result in problems playing the game. Usually, the game will let you know if it has lost network connectivity.

Make sure that the network you’re connected to shows as Connected. If nikon control pro wireless free download need help with your network connection, see:.

Solution 6: Sign in as a different user. To check your profile data, try playing the same game using a different account. On Windows 11, select your account name and then select Switch user. Sign in with a different account. Restart the game to see if it works correctly. Solution 7: Repair or reinstall the game. Game files can become corrupted or altered if you have malware or are running a game modification on your device.

If your game is freezing or not responding, uninstalling and reinstalling it will remove and replace the files that run the game. To uninstall and reinstall games, follow the steps in:. How to install and uninstall a PC game on a Windows device.

Solution 8: Check whether your account has been banned from a game. Game developers can build game-specific security into their titles and enforce their community policies to help ensure fair and respectful gameplay. If you can no longer access a specific game, it may be the result of an enforcement or ban. For info about a game ban, windows 10 all games crashing free the game developer or publisher.

If your game continues to freeze or stop responding, check its game title page for game-specific info, as well as links to the community pages for known service outages or sign-in issues. If the game was published by a third party, you’ll find direct links to their service and community pages.

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How To Stop Windows 10 From Crashing When Playing Games


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