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There is nothing worse than a stop error or a blue-screen death attack on your Windows computer. But just calm down, and this post collects the overall information to explain what causes the blue screen of death and 18 efficient solutions to solve the problem in details. Almost everyone Windows users are attacked by the sudden blue screen of death BSoD or stop error when starting computer. Do not worry, and we will explain the puzzles in the following descriptions, and you just need to keep patient to read the whole article.

What is blue screen of death on Windows computer? When this error occurs, operating system reaches a condition where it can no longer operate safely, and displays a blue screen with the process which said Recovering orphaned file. Not only Windows 10, 8, 7, XP computer suffers from the error, but Windows 9x home desktop operating system suffers frequently.

As for the causes of blue screen of death, it can be summarized hardware or issues with driver software generally. Sometimes, the error may be caused by low-level software running in Windows kernel.

Once the stop error or blue screen appears, Windows will crash and stop working. For kicking your Windows computer out of blue screen death, you need to remove all the elements that lead to the error. You can fix the issue by following the common solutions, if you do not the exact causes of the problem,. In most case, Windows computer is configured by default to restart automatically.

In this case, you will be not left enough time to read and understand the error text when the blue screen appears.

Step 2 Under “Startup and Recovery” section and click the “Settings” button. Restart your computer, press F8 before Windows logo shows, use the arrow keys to select “Safe Mode” and “Enter” to run computer in Safe Mode. Step 2 Click “Check for updates” to review any pending updates and click “Install updates” to update Windows system. If you get a recovery option preinstalled on your computer, you can run Startup Repair tool to repair disk manually. Step 2 Press and hold F8 as before the Windows 7 logo appears.

Sometimes, the overheating parts may lead to a BSoD. As such, it is necessary to check hardware components. Just make sure your virus scanning software is the latest, and use it to scan your computer to see if there is something wrong with some apps. If the MBR gets corrupted, it can cause serious problems, including the blue screen of death error. Step 1 Insert the original Windows installation disk to your computer. Boot from it.

Step 4 Restart your computer and the blue screen of death caused by MBR should be solved. You can notice the key on different computer at the first screen. System restore will drag your computer to the previous point, where your computer is good-working and blue screen of death can be removed in this way.

If your blue screen of death still exists, you had better go to the repair store to check your hardware of your computer. To solve it, you just need to uninstall the unnecessary apps or newly installed apps on your computer. The solution is easy, and just go to your computer’s manufacture to check the driver’s latest version. This solution works great when you receive the error code: 0xD1, 0x, 0xE, 0xE and 0x The sudden blue-screen of death may be caused by the new installation of hardware, driver or apps.

You need to navigate the newly installed programs, and disable or remove them to see if the problem is resolved. If you receive the error code, 0x, then the blue screen of death can be caused by incompatible drivers with Windows or hard disk corruption.

When you get the BSoD error because of file system corruption, you should run chkdsk to help you check and repair the problem. Step 3 Click “Repair your computer” and choose your operating system and “Next” to choose “Command Prompt”. When computer blue screen is led by data corruption on the hard drive, you can try BCD rebuilding. The above 18 solutions are enough to help you solve the blue screen of death on your Windows computer.

However, when you fix the problem and remove some data unconsciously, just use Data Recovery to restore your data. Step 1 Free download this software to your computer. Install and run it immediately. Step 2 In the main interface, you need to select data type and hard drive for scanning. Supporting almost data types like videos, photos, music, system files, emails, etc. Step 3 When the scan process is complete, you can find all data presented in the pane. Click it to view and checkmark the data, and then click “Recover” to save the missing or lost files to your computer.

This page collects the best 18 solutions to help you fix blue screen of death on Windows computer. You can refer to the common 10 solutions to fix the problem if you not sure which error you are suffering from.

You are given the quick solutions if you exactly understand which error you are meeting. Finally yet importantly, you should get data recovery if your data is lost when you fixing the problem. Red this post and take the easy 10 solutions to remove the error. Your external hard drive on your computer or Xbox is not working, like not showing up, not accessible, not responding, etc.? Read and take the 10 easy ways to kick it out right now. How do I factory reset my HP laptop?

Whether you are using a Windows 10 or Windows 7 HP laptop, when you meet some issues and want to reboot HP laptop to fix them, this post will help you. About Privacy Tutorial. Fix Windows Problems 1. Boot into Safe Mode 2. Update Windows system 3. Check hard disk errors 4. Startup Repair 5. Check hardware components. Scan computer for viruses 7. Fix Master Boot Record 8. Restore system Reinstall Windows. Uninstall apps error 0xE 2.

Update driver error 0xEA 3. Restart computer into Last Known Good Configuration mode error 0x Run chkdsk error 0x and 0xB 7. Check and make sure enough hard disk space error 0xE 8. Data Recovery Recover data from hard drive and internal drive on your computer. Restore data due to disk accident, re-partition, improper clone, system re-installation, virus attack, etc.

Undelete the photos, videos, music, emails and other files. Free Download Free Download. What do you think of this post? More Reading. Tips Blue Screen of Death on Windows. All rights reserved. Back to top.



Windows 10 blue screen of death fix free download


Displays information about the causes of blue screen of death BSOD and their potential causes like driver failures, event time and bug check code. A review by Fernando Ortega. BlueScreenView is a simple and freeware application which gives Windows users some insight into what caused the infamous blue screen of death. BlueScreenView will give you access to and display a human-readable version of the приведу ссылку that is placed on your hard drive.

This is perfect for giving both novice and intermediate users insight and ideas as to what caused the issue that so suddenly made your computer shut down with the BSOD. Some issues are caused by hardware failure and some are simply things that certain software applications tried to do which was immediately halted by Windows or simply made your system crash.

Sometimes, the Blue Screen of Death is caused by outdated drivers and other times it is because your hardware is failing. This application will help you make that determination. Allows you to view a blue screen источник is very similar to the one that Windows displayed during the crash. BlueScreenView also allows you to work with another instance of Windows, simply by choosing the right mini-dump folder In Advanced Продолжить чтение. BlueScreenView automatically locate на этой странице drivers windows 10 blue screen of death fix free download in the crash dump, and extract their version resource information, including product name, file version, company, and file description.

BlueScreenView 1. We have tested BlueScreenView посетить страницу. We certify that this program is clean of viruses, malware and windows 10 blue screen of death fix free download.

Screenshots of BlueScreenView 5. BlueScreenView x