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I rarely find what I need there. I can quickly google most of the answers I need. I often find great solutions on some random blog. I suspect the big software companies rely on regular users googling their own solutions. I actualy started making my own user friendly help manual Lots of pictures, answers lots of the basic quiestions new users have.

I used PSE to start it with. The users is this group could easilly “crowdsource” our own, user freindly manual. The adobe help stuff is pretty dry. Would you allow me to download your Manual?

If so, can you please let me know how to do this. At my age 86 I do have practical problems with the growing complexity of, in this case finding a simple user manual for Elements.

Here’sthe link to the fb page I made for the daily challenges I don’t montior it much, I used it jsut to “Park” the challenges in one place poeple could find I get a message that the file has been deleted from dropbox. Would you please restore it?

I deleted everything a couple of days ago to clean it up- it’s back. Thank you so much for posting this, Glenn, you have done a beautiful job! My only question is regarding why the latest link above brings up a “Rough Draft” whereas the first link in this thread does not. Which link is the best for downloading your most current manual?

I also will not get into debates about the contents “that’s wrong Most email servers have a 10 MB limit on attachments. Anything over 5MB I generally just upload to my dropbox, and send a likn k for downlaod from there. You don’t need to pay to use drop box- I use the free version- it as a 2 GB limit. A few days ago I got a notice my dropbox was almost full I only had 50MB free- so instead of picking and choosing what to delete I wiped everything, and started over.

You don’t need dropbox to download- just the shared link. I’ve started working on it again– I figure between 50 and 75 more pages. Some in the past have written me and saind “dude, you’re doin’ it wrong- do it this way”- when what they meant was “You’re not doing it the way I do it so it’s wrong” I show one way, for me, a simple way, of doing something.

Within the PSE world there are generally 4 or 5 ways reaching the same goal. I’m not going to watch a 28 minute video explaining how to write some text on the edge of a circle when a slide or two can explain it.

Glenn , I have taken a look at your excellent manual and if you don’t mind, I will bookmark it and refer others to view it. I hope you don’t mind but I have added a few comments to correct what I believe are some errors.

Perhaps when you have completed your opus, you should start a new thread with it so that it will not be buried in this one. That’s all fine, go ahead.

I started making screenshots of various things and people said they liked it, so I kinda ran with it. Of course I always explain there are typically 3 or 4 ways of doing what I show- I just talk about the way I like doing things. That doesn’t make my way any better, or worse than your way of doing it I like using the paint bucket A LOT.

I also have been posting a “Daily Cup of knowledge” simple, 1 post a day- all the info must fit on that one graphic. In the facebook group people will often take a photo of their screen, with their phone- and it often doesn’t show what is needed, or is out of focus, or is too small This blur- possible that eliminates defects.

You can images, often for a 3D effect. Page Lighting Effects Filter For information on choosing a location. Shift-drag to keep the angle constant and change only the size of the ellipse. Page Using Type in the options bar. For best vertical type tool. As a result, variety of shapes; for example, you can warp type the edges of the type blend into the background. The range of available type styles varies with hold down Shift and press the Right Arrow or Left each font. The type size determines how large the type appears in the image.

The default unit of Select a unit of measurement for Type. Photoshop Elements provides several options for working with Asian type. Asian fonts are often referred to as double-byte fonts or CJK fonts. The character itself is is a block of horizontal type laid out within a not stretched or squeezed as a result. When mojikumi is off, full-width spacing is applied to these characters. When mojikumi is on, half-width spacing is applied to these characters.

You images for effective Web publishing can also use the layers in your original image to results. You can select a modem speed in original and optimized images in the Save For Web the Preview pop-up menu. See Windows monitor. You can choose a continuous-tone images such as photographs. Page Selective is the the frequency of colors in the image. Choose Auto default option.

You can choose To control application dither: a dithering pattern to be applied to the image. Page You can save custom You can preview browser dither directly in dither patterns in groups called collections, and use Photoshop Elements or in a browser that uses an the dither patterns with other images. Photoshop Elements animation options as the Save for Web dialog box. Photoshop Elements using the Open command. Each layer Saving optimized images corresponds to one frame.

Photoshop Elements provides a variety of styles Then do the following: for your gallery, which you can select using the Web Photo Gallery command. Then do the following: Options pop-up menu. However, able to save it back to Filmstrip format. If necessary, select Animate. For For Preview, choose a low-resolution preview example, Photoshop Elements does not support type.

Page Adding File Information Setting preferences for saving format. Under Document, specify the dimensions, resolution, and color mode for the contact sheet, For Layout, choose a preset layout option.

You can customize existing layouts or create new Note: The width and height of the document should layouts using a text-editing application. The layout not exceed the printable area of the paper. You can also use composite of all visible layers. To print an individual Page Positioning And Scaling Images To scale the print size of an image in the Print Preview dialog box: represents the margins of the selected paper; the printable area is white.

Options dialog box; you must select Show More Options located below the image preview area in order to see them. Photoshop Elements uses To determine if you need to use color management a grid of elements known as pixels to represent when printing: images.

Page INDEX black and white points, New Brush command Choose 23 scanning 52 options chroma 68 black-and-white images, pointer options 39 Chrome filter creating 96 presets 37 CJK type blending modes Roundness option composition options bloat tool selecting showing options for Page 39 Color Picker option 79 choosing a compression format Curves command, setting target color pickers for values with 89 Adobe 77, 79 contrast Custom color table Apple 79 adjusting 87 Custom filter choosing 79 adjusting automatically Page INDEX dithering Dark Strokes filter edge effects about 70, 73, Darken mode editing application dither, previewing and controlling Define Brush command blending modes browser dither, previewing and Define Pattern command , layers minimizing De-Interlace filter See also copying, correcting Page filling Find Edges filter Facet filter layers Fine Grain filter fade rate selections Finger Painting option for brush strokes with background color Fit on Screen command 26 for eraser strokes with foreground color Fixed Size option painting with gradients Page INDEX radial gradient tool Hints palette 29 gamut 65 Randomize option Histogram command 85 Gaussian Blur filter reflected gradient tool histograms GIF format saving and loading about 84, 91 about , tools key type 84 Adaptive color table transparency Levels display of Page converting between color importing images modes 69, 71 laser printers 48 digital camera with WIA copying layers between support 53 lasso tool copying selections between from a digital camera 52 detection width creating new 54 from a scanner 52 edge sensitivity cropping scanning with WIA support Page midtones New View command 24 See also placing, importing adjusting 95, Noise dither OpenType fonts adjusting with Levels 89 Noise filters , Optimized option, for JPEG Minimum and Maximum See also individual names of optimizing images filter filters about Page , Photoshop 2.

See EPS Saturation mode format presets Page display of 46 Web-safe color table File Extension maximum 48 See also PNG format Grid 28 new images and 54 PNG format Gutter 28 resampling and 49 about History States 33 viewing 48 optimization settings for Image Previews Pixelate filters , preserving transparency Page Resample Image option 50 raster images.

See bitmap images about dpi 48 resampling rasterizing background color interpolation methods 49 Adobe Illustrator artwork borders See also resizing PDF files 57, 60 captions Reselect command PostScript artwork 57, Page resolution select image tool sampling about 47 selecting from layers changing 49 contiguous pixels image with clone stamp tool displaying 48 layers document size 50 saturation pixels about 68 dpi 48 type adjusting 92, 95, file size and 48 unselected areas Saturation mode Page INDEX softening edges of Shear filter Standard Macintosh Color display stroking defining undistorted areas Standard Windows Color subtracting from shift pixels tool display tools shortcuts bar 21 status bar 30 See also floating selections Show Bounding Box option straight-edged selection Selective color table Page text.

See shapes images warping vertical type tool See transformations work area about 19 components This manual is also suitable for: Print page 1 Print document pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don’t have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

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Introduction – Photoshop Elements The Missing Manual [Book]

View online or download Adobe PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 10 Use Manual. We have 1 Adobe PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 10 manual available for free PDF download: Use Manual. Download Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 users guide on pdf for Elements 10, 11, 12, 13, version. Enjoy your multimedia content.


Adobe photoshop elements 10 manual pdf free download.Adobe PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 10 Manuals

For additional tips on retouching photos, see Retouch and correct photos. The Fix tab gives you access to some quick fixes right in the Organizer. If you have a small monitor, you may find it wastes too much desktop acreage, and in Elements you need all the working room you can get. The images here are in floating windows page