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500mb games free download for pc –

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500mb games free download for pc


These are super highly compressed PC games under mb that have a lower file size but have the same quality as the original one. Bigtech offers any type of games that are less than the size and the quality of the games is free to download and play the original size.

Most of them are in the RAR file which is password protected. These games are only suitable for PC and window operating users. We made a list of games in which we combine the 10 best high-quality games with realistic and high graphics games with reduced size compressed. It is much more efficient for downloading PC games that are compressed to speed up the download process or simply save space on your hard drive and data.

We all know that games these days are larger than size so that can be a problem for those who have limited internet and low-performance PCs. First of all, as you can see the minimum requirement of every game, in the section below you will see a Download Now button, use the Download button, the button will redirect you, and take you to the specific page of the selected game.

Where you can download that particular game with one click. In this article, we prepared the best 10 highly compressed pc games under MB in very low size, and without losing any graphics on the games.

WWE impact is a wrestling fighting game for pc, its developer and publishers are Jakks pacific. Download Now. Dino d-day is a first-person multiplayer team-based action game for windows pc users. Adolf Hitler is successful in reviving the dinosaurs. The reptile gang has trampled Europe and the Mediterranean Sea. Can nothing stop the dinosaur army of the Nazis?

You and your friends can fight the battle of choosing online to serve the cause of allied countries or the Nazis. The Allied team consists of seven playing characters, including Trigger, a protoceratops who was rescued from the Nazis. Each Allied class has unique weapons and capabilities for use in battle. Knockdown a Dilophosaurus with your trusty M1 Garand, blast a kamikaze pterosaur out of the sky with your Thompson sub-machine gun or toss a dead jackrabbit into a trap to lure a rapper.

Stop your enemy at high speed and sneak as a raptor, pound the enemy with Desmosuchus, a massive 20 mm gun as a rampage…. The developers of this game are Red Storm Entertainment, and the publishers are Ubisoft. This game is specially made for computer window user download, download link is given below and download highly compressed games in your PC. WWE smackdown here comes the pain is an action wrestling game for window users.

Download free WWE Smackdown here comes the pain pc game. Half-life 2 lost coast is a first person shooter game for windows users. The publishers and developers of this game is valve corporation. A fisherman asked Gordon Freeman to wipe out the catch of the Combine in the town of St. Olga, a city on the seashore. Gordon takes out the soldiers guarding the headcrab launcher inside an abandoned church, deactivates the launcher, and then destroys two helicopters before a fisherman rides the basket.

Well, I guess! You have better places. The developers and publishers of this game are city interactive. To download, this game simply just click on the link given below. Download free BattleStrike force of Resistance pc game. Delta force — black hawk down is a 1st Person action shooter video game developed by Novalogic.

A-men is a puzzle game. The publisher and developer of the game are bloober teams. To download this game click on the link given below. Monster jam battleground is an action, sports racing game for windows users. In the article, we suggest our top or best 10 highly compressed pc game list without losing graphics. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contents show. Dino D-Day MB. Half-Life 2 — lost Coast MB. BattleStrike force of Resistance MB.

A Men MB. Monster Jam battlegrounds MB.


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